【社區音樂】公共鋼琴計劃 Public Piano Scheme

MIni Piano

—✧— Friendly • Closely • Mini —✧—

2023年風盒子首個社區項目:公共鋼琴計劃。在 松山行人隧道入口設置兩座迷你 公共鋼琴,以全新面貌、音色與市民童心同樂。

The Artistry of Wind Box Community Development Association rolls out the first community project in 2023 — Public Piano Scheme. Two public mini pianos are set up at the entrance of the Guia Hill Pedestrian Tunnel, presenting a brand new look for the public to enjoy a melodious, guileless and delightful experience.

♩ 日期 Date:2023/02/06 – 03/06
♩ 開放時間Opening Hours:10H00-21H00 ​
♩ 地點 Venue:松山行人隧道新口岸入口 Zape Entrance of Guia Hill Pedestrian Tunnel

Photography | Lei Pui Cheng

串連個體與集體:從街頭鋼琴至 公共鋼琴
Linking Individuals to Communities: From Street Piano to Public Piano

有別以往 風盒子 主辦的同類鋼琴計劃,是次 公共鋼琴計劃,首次選用日本製 32鍵迷你鋼琴。玩具般的外型,精準的音高與可快速連彈的琴鍵,對鋼琴入門初心者或是富經驗者,皆是友善且穩定的樂器;

​計劃目的是透過童趣的鋼琴外型,營造 輕鬆自在 的氣圍,鼓勵不同年齡層之公眾嘗試彈奏、促進交流,以公共鋼琴為平台,串連個體與集體 。

In contrast to similar piano programmes organized by Wind Box in the past, this Public Piano Scheme adopts the usage of 32-key, Japanese-made, mini pianos for the first time. Given the childlike appearance, crispy sounds, precise pitch and a swift, playable keyboard, this type of piano is a user-friendly and stable musical instrument for both beginners and veterans. Through public pianos, individuals and communities are linked.

Photography | Lei Pui Cheng

Right to use, Obligation to cherish

公共鋼琴 每天定時進行消毒清潔與維護,然而公共鋼琴的可持續使用,極需使用者的配合與愛惜,避免不文明的NG行為,計劃才得以持續運行。

Public pianos are sanitized, cleaned and maintained regularly every day. Nonetheless, the sustainable usage of public pianos requires cooperation and protection from users. Uncivilized behaviors should be avoided so that this scheme can keep going.

♩使用禮儀 Etiquettes for Playing Piano♩
◍ 注意個人衛生 Pay attention to personal hygiene
◍ 勿摇晃、拍打或損害鋼琴設施 Don’t shake, hit or damage the piano 
◍ 勿遺留垃圾、飲品食品及個人財物 Don’t leave behind any rubbish, food, drinks and personal belongings
◍ 人多等候時,請合理安排使用時間 Please reasonably arrange the time of playing the piano when there are many people in the queue
◍ 使用琴譜/手機支架後,請放回原位 After using the sheet music or mobile phone holder, please put it back in place

來!試一試吧 Come and try!


As usual, Wind Box has prepared scores of different levels on site for both adults and children to showcase their talents. Each score is accompanied with a demonstration video for reference. The following section is part of the demonstration of a song. For more demonstration, please click here

♫ Baby Shark
♫ The Moon Represents My Heart
♫ First Love

此外,現場設有手機支架,方便使用者錄影或觀看自備的電子樂譜。期待各位的自由彈奏與創作,並歡迎在社交媒體使用 #公共鋼琴#PublicPiano#awb_maco ,與我們分享您的影片和相片。

In addition, there is a mobile phone holder on site for video recording or for using self-prepared electronic sheet music. Look forward to your playing and creation. Welcome to share with us your video or photo by using #公共鋼琴 #PublicPiano #awb_maco on social media platforms. 

關於風盒子 About US


A non-profit art association in Macao, it is committed to building a platform of social integration through culture and art, enhancing the culturing participation and discourse of power of different communities, and forging a closer connection between art and society. For more information, please visit ▶: https://awb.mo/about/.

「公共鋼琴計劃」製作團隊 Production Team

▪ 策劃|葉穎雯 ▏Planning|Mandy IP,Weng Man
▪ 行政|鄧藹樺 ▏Administration|Fiona TANG
▪ 運作支援 ▏ Operational Support|Jenny , Gwen & Si Weng
▪ 編曲及彈奏示範 ▏Music Arrangement and Demonstration | Miyu
▪ 錄像紀錄|李卓媚 ▏ Video Recording| Lego LEI
▪ 攝影|李佩禎 ▏Photography | Lei Pui Cheng
▪ 主辦|風盒子社區藝術發展協會 ▏Organizer|Artistry of Wind Box Community Development Association
▪ 資助| 文化發展基金 ▏Sponsor| Cultural Development Fund
▪ 支持|市政署、駿濠澳門鋼琴倉、莫札特才能教育中心 ▏ Support|Municipal Affairs Bureau, Macau Piano Warehouse, Mozart Talent Education Centre

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【社區音樂】公共鋼琴計劃 Public Piano Scheme